Hi, I'm Zoe!

Based in Oxford (but totally willing to travel further afield for work), I think the photos I really love to take are spontaneous. They are photos of sincere moments. This is why street photography appeals to me so much; it's what got me into photography. The surprise of coming across the unexpected is addictive and when I have a camera in my hands, it changes the way I look at the city.

I soon became interested with band photography and have since photographed a number of bands, whilst looking for more! I really like live music, so incorporating photography was an easy decision. I've sometimes daydreamed "hey, I'd like to be a musician" but being tone-deaf and rhythm-deficient, I'll stick to photography and being near musicians. And simply put, it's all about cool looking people doing cool looking things, which is always a great subject matter for photos.

Weddings are fun too! In a way, they combine performance and spontaneity all in one. It's brilliant to see how the bride and groom choose to style their day and express their love for each other, which serves as a beautiful backdrop to the interactions between family and friends on the day.

I'm available for both wedding and music gig bookings, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you think we can make something happen!.